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Secrets To The Kingdom-Part III

We continue in our look at Jesus secrets of the kingdom found in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 13. Verse 21 begins: “…yet he has no root in himself”. Jesus describes the next heart condition as “Rocky Soil”. Remember, the word is the seed, the soil is my heart. When the seed of the word of the kingdom gets into the soil of your heart, it produces God’s life. In Galatians 5, the Apostle Paul gives us a glimpse of what God life looks like. He calls it the fruit of the Spirit. If God’s life is at work in you by His Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, self-control and all the rest will begin to flow out of you. That’s what we want, to live by the life of Christ in us. Peter tells us that we have been “given all things for life and godliness”. But what about this rocky soil? What is that? Jesus’ explanation of it doesn’t really help either. What does it mean to not have any root in yourself? I believe it lies in our identity. Being a new creation means adopting a new idea about yourself. The New Testament is full of analogies describing this idea. From darkness to light, once far now near, once not a people now God’s people and so on. Our identities are in Christ now and our faith walk includes living with this idea firmly in our hearts. I am a child of God. Jesus said that people with no root fall when testing and persecution come. They weren’t identified with Christ. It wasn’t who they are. No matter what happens to me, I can’t deny who I am. A rocky soil person hasn’t made their new identity their own. Being a Christian to them still exists in the realm of something I do as opposed to who I am. James said that a person with doubt is tossed around like a wave on the sea. Totally unstable. On the other hand, if you are confident in who you are in Christ, not only will you be stable, but your heart will be good soil for the word.

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