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Secrets of the Kingdom Part VIII – The Final Secret

There are a lot of things to be learned from Jesus’ discourse on the Kingdom, more than I have shared here to be sure. I hope that anyone reading these insights learned a few things and are inspired to ‘dig in’ a little deeper into what makes a kingdom person ‘tick’. Ultimately, the person who decides the measure of the Kingdom in your life is you. I hope you make discovering the secrets of the Kingdom a lifelong pursuit. It really is the ultimate adventure.

We have learned that the Kingdom has ‘secrets’ to be learned by those who are more than casually interested.(Matt 13:10-13) The seed or potential of the Kingdom, is the Word of God and the soil, where the Word can produce, is our hearts. There are heart conditions that hinder or even prevent the Word from producing in our lives, but we are the tenders of our garden so we can seek to create good growing conditions. Good and evil are going to continue growing together until the final harvest. The Kingdom is a value system, we are to treasure it if we are to possess it. The Kingdom is growing and expanding throughout the earth until it reaches great stature and the invitation is open for all to discover the Kingdom.

Finally, in Matthew 13:51-52 Jesus asks, “Have you understood these things?”(ESV). Anyone who understands, or “has been trained” has a wealth in his storehouse. The final secret is, if you understand, you have a treasure that you can share. You will be able to bring Jesus out of the Old Testament and the New, the Kingdom will be yours to share with others. God never meant for us to keep things to ourselves, he wants others to discover the secrets of the Kingdom just like we did. We might tense up when we here another teaching on getting ‘out there’ with the gospel but don’t be discouraged, because you have a storehouse of treasure that is yours to be shared. A Kingdom life is a powerful life. Yes, even yours! Sometimes we can read the amazing stories of the first generation of God’s Kingdom people and think, “I can’t do that!”. Well, yes you can! When you understand the secrets of the Kingdom, you learn how to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit and not your own strength, and amazing things can happen. I also want to encourage you in this: The amazing stories we read are just that, amazing stories. They are the ‘highlight reel’ of the story of the church. So what about the ‘unused footage’? Well, it will look pretty normal. People living, working, trying to live like Kingdom people in everyday life and that’s the power of the Kingdom. Even though I do believe we can have powerful moments of ‘biblical proportions’, we can also have powerful moments that might look pretty unglamorous. That’s why this last secret is so vital. Understanding that the Kingdom is a deep well you can draw from in every situation, large or small. Understanding that in Christ you have something to share with the world that is awesome and life-giving. If we value the Kingdom, cultivate a receptive heart, not get overwhelmed by evil and recognize the ever expanding Kingdom we are a part of, we will begin to build a wealth that others can draw from. We will begin to look like Jesus, who brought the Kingdom to bear wherever He went. It was equally powerful when He healed the sick as when He let the little children sit on His lap, because it all came from the treasure He possessed in the Kingdom. Be blessed, be encouraged and get the Kingdom working in and through you today. You won’t regret it.